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We care about people’s health, respect the environment and control the use of resources, as we are aware of our responsibilities with regard to future generations.

We constantly monitor environment and safety at all our production sites to prevent any kind of negative impact and at the same time ensure the best working conditions.

We continue to grow, but we want to grow in a sustainable way, aiming to continuously improve our performance.


Chiesi for the environment

Environmental protection is an integral part of our industrial policy: business development and environmental sustainability are essential to one other.


The investments made to save energy have achieved a reduction in energy consumption despite the increase in production volumes. We also introduced more efficient automated systems and air filtration, to improve the working environment.

Water Resources

The volume of supply and discharge water resources has decreased over the past few years thanks to constant controls on water resources. Specific plans are scheduled for the near future to continue improving our performance in this aspect.


The company’s policy has been effective in increasing levels of recyclable waste, even though there has been a moderate increase in waste generation overall due to increased production.


With regard to air quality, atmospheric emissions are moderate and are mainly due to the natural gas boilers which produce steam.


Chiesi for safety

A positive trend with regard to workers’ health and safety has been maintained: both frequency and seriousness of workplace accidents are constantly decreasing. Whilst this is a satisfactory achievement, we intend to carry on improving our performance also as a result of staff training programmes and the enforcement of new measures and procedures.