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We strongly believe in the centrality of the human being, and that every company should centre on the individual. People are directly affected by company decisions and activities: patients, the company’s staff and family, suppliers, customers, the local community, banks, government agencies, media, competitors and any others concerned.

Corporate Social Responsibility for Chiesi means a virtuous relationship with society and our employees, with the environment and the territory. It is not an episodic or instrumental phenomenon, but it is a value, a practice which is fundamental to all aspects of our way of being a company and doing business: production, distribution, communication, relationships with patients and being supportive.

We work to match the sustainable growth of the business with the increase in social commitment, always bearing in mind our values and identity. This translates into protection and environmental safety programmes, initiatives created for employees, patients and local communities, widespread in all the countries where the Group is present: our social responsibility has no geographical boundaries.